Wednesday, January 19, 2011

long time...

I have recently had more moments of wondering where the journals might be in the world... the last of these moments ending in the thought Monday night that it probably wouldn't be too difficult to trace their paths and "follow up" to determine where they may have ended. Potentially resulting in retrieval. Not sure that we want to do that, but it could maybe be done if we do. Ben - thoughts?

If not, I'm also thinking of future similar projects...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I think

This is not a pity party. But I do think I need to gradually disengage with the Journal project in its current form.

There's been no return of the actual journals (Angela, correct me if I'm wrong) and hardly a whisper on this blog for a few months -- just a dot in the long arc of time, but long enough to consider a new project or a new angle on the same idea.

Ideas and reflections are always welcome. Lots of love to those participating.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get ready for the guessing game

Hello to you readers, bloggers, journal-writers, and adventurers. Let's take a few guesses... Where are the books now?

Based on previously documented trips of the journals, I would guess that
  1. Book 1 is in the United States, maybe Florida or California
  2. Book 2 is dining at the Cafe at the Edge of the Universe
  3. And Book 3 is still enjoying the great skiing in Switzerland
Based on nothing at all except antics and cliches, I'm guessing that
  1. Book 1 landed in China
  2. Book 2 just took off for Prague
  3. Book 3 is rockin in the free world
Anybody else have some guesses? :)

I mean it when I say that the thought of this journal project continues to excite me.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

on my mind lately

A lot of stuff has been on my mind lately... As the quakers would say, I'm holding a lot of people in the light. Lots of recent things have been leading my thoughts to life and making the most of it while we're here. Being present. When my mind drifts to the journal project, I get really excited about what it'll be like to get them back, read some stories, connect with all of you. And like ben said, there's all kinds of unknowns right now, which i'm cool with too. Hope all is well with everyone out there who has been touched by the project. And fyi Ben is a National ultimate frisbee champion!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book 1 on the move again...

After a delay for which I do not have any real excuse, I m here to let you know that Book 1 is on the move again.
It'll be moving to another geography, new persons. I do hope it keeps on good along its way.

Me, I'll be moving very soon too, for an extended period (about a year) in South America, with a one-way-ticket. Hope my path crosses with some of the followers of this journal or maybe some new journals.

Greetings from ─░zmir - Turkey...

Engin Kaban.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book tracking :)

Thanks, Kirsten for blogging from London! Its pretty cool to hear that the journal project has been going for 9 months now.

Today, like back in July, I felt like leafing through this blog and talking about what's been going on with the journals out in the world. Seeing several posts from friends in London made me wonder where the Journals have been. We don't really know; and appreciate the unknown.

Still, here's what we do know in the form of a very small depiction recipients' locations - click on it to expand. Connecting the black dots are the plane rides for the Journals (minus the initial January 1 send-off from Atlanta):

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Journal has reached London today

Hello and greetings from sunny London. What a great little surprise it's been to receive the booklet in the mail today. Thanks Simon! And thanks Angela, great idea!
I will think of something to write and send it on asap, promise.
Wishing you all a great Sunday.